Walt & Cathie Gee

“We are most grateful to Aaron and his team of craftsmen who made our mountain home vision a reality.  Building from out of state could have been a challenge; however, through the use of phone calls, e-mails, text messaging and digital photography it was a very successful process. We felt as if we had an onsite presence.

We started with a good architectural plan which was enhanced by Aaron’s suggestions for structural changes, energy efficiency as well as maximizing storage space. Because of his attention to detail and good oversight of the sub contractors, we have a very well built home which we will enjoy for many years to come.

We can highly recommend Aaron for any construction needs someone may have.  We feel that we started the process with a builder and ended with a good friend.”

Allen and Mindy Carroll

 “We purchased a home in Saluda in 2007 with the intention of renovating it ourselves.  The reality was the work was over our heads.  It was complicated being an out-of-towner and trying to coordinate different subs (which were hard to find).  Then we were introduced to Aaron and hired him to pretty much overhaul the house.  His company did an incredible job of gutting and rebuilding the entire inside as well as transforming the outside.   Aaron himself was very helpful with coming up with creative solutions to design problems.  The jewel of the renovation is the craftsman style stairway which replaced a rickety ladder to a loft.  He also updated all the electrical wiring and plumbing.  His team was talented and efficient and the whole process, although time consuming as expected, was pleasant.  Aaron was easy to reach and responded to all email and text correspondence in a timely manner.  And he was open to new ideas as well as patient with us when we made changes.  We would highly recommend Aaron and his company and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again!”

Joseph and Katie Marley

“Aaron was a pleasure to work with; he was receptive to our wishes, a good listener, and has such a good sense of humor. A builder is only as good as the people he employs, and Aaron has chosen the best. His carpenters were excellent and skilled, the end product of which we are proud and comfortable.

We remodeled our small home and sunroom, gutted most of the interior, and added a mudroom, small laundry room, studio, double garage with a bedroom/office and bathroom above the garage. Whenever there were issues with our architect’s design, the two worked skillfully together to solve the problem and the outcome was a beautiful home in which we love living.

“We would highly recommend Aaron as a contractor or builder.”

Julie C. Harness

“To say I am grateful for the impeccable work Solstice Construction has done in building my home would be an understatement.

This is not my first experience in working with a contractor. My husband and I previously built a house on the Isle of Palms in SC. That was a very good experience, yet working with Aaron Burdett and his team of skilled professionals was in every way superior.

Aaron’s creative input and his team’s level of personal and professional standards turned a skillful drawing into a home I will always be proud to call my own.”